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Σάββατο, 26 Μαρτίου 2011

Τripe(After a Night out a dish of Tripe will Stimulate!)

Uncooked pork belly, with rind (skin)Image via Wikipedia

Will Νeed
Pork belly
1 pork leg
2 bottles Vinegar
Garlic (whole)
Chilli or dried chilly pepper
Cut the pork belly in small pieces and plot as much as possible the leg.
In a large bowl with water and rinse after the drain, refill with water and pour a bottle of vinegar, leaving the means to soak half an hour.
Put in a jar of garlic cloves inside which we tread on the side of the knife. Fill it with vinegar and close the lid.
In a large pot boil water and put it inside the tripe along with the leg to a boil. Remove water, and refilled with fresh hot water in our material.
Boil over medium heat for 4 hours. Following the first hour, we can chop the stem, without removing the bones and continue cooking.
Add half a tablespoon of salt.
Serve hot, throwing in A with two tablespoons skordostoumpi and chilli pepper, or DRIED pepper, and some black pepper.

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